Jenaer Glas French Press, 1.2L

Article number: FOR2778
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Nothing produces a rich, robust cup of coffee like a French press. The beauty of a French press is the full-bodied brews it produces. Coffee grounds come in complete contact with water, and their oils and other compounds are fully extracted for particularly intense results. Jenaer Glas began as a glassworks for laboratory glass. Producing wares for the optical, industrial and pharmaceutical industries, it began making household-glass products in 1918 for several decades. This piece represents the functional works of art that Jenaer once produced, the type of timeless pieces that excite every generation. It boasts the same durability and precision as labware but integrates beautiful design. The glass's transparency allows you to see the color and depth of the brew. I've used a French press for both tea and coffee, and appreciate its functional elegance on any tabletop. And with Jenaer's expert design, this particular press is a true working piece of art. • Capacity: 1.2L (40.5 oz.) • Dishwasher-safe • Not microwave-safe • Heat-resistant to 840 degrees F • Cold-resistant to -95 degrees F • Nonporous glass
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