Chateau Spill Wine Remover, 4 oz

Article number: CSPILL120AU-US
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Love Wine? Hate Stains? Now you can say 'Cheers' to that. If you, or the one you love, are ever clumsy, a little tipsy, or just plain unlucky, you know that a celebration of the noble grape can sometimes end in an ignoble, and hard to remove, red wine stain. Chateau Spill is professional grade stain remover that has been especially formulated to make sure that a red wine spill no longer leaves a nasty hangover (sadly we can't make any guarantees about what wine you drink…) Unlike salt, soda, white wine (two wrongs don't make a right), crossing fingers or other less than effective specialist products, the ESR® Formula is a piece of proven science that quickly starts breaking down the stain forming pigment at the cellular level. Like a good Bordeaux it really hits the spot - be it on clothing, linens, sofas, upholstery or carpets - and lets you concentrate on entertaining or having a good time.
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